Vehicle Maintenance to Prevent Breakdowns

Maintaining a vehicle is can be a simple process. For some types of preventative maintenance are fairly simple, and most drivers can do the work by themselves. When you do not know how to do certain maintenance tasks, you can consult a professional to help you keep the vehicle in good condition. A vehicle which is maintained is unlikely to suffer from vehicle breakdowns. Following are suggestions for common maintenance.

Engine Air Filter

Replacing the air filter of the engine is also part of important maintenance. The vehicle manual should indicate how often an inspection is necessary for the air filter of the engine. It can collect a lot of dirt in a short time when driving in the city. Some engine air filters can be difficult to reach for certain vehicles, so choosing a professional to do for you is always a safe bet.


To have the alignment of the vehicle examined and adjusted is a good way of preventive maintenance. Adjusting the alignment is the process of ensuring the tires of a vehicle is aligned in all the same direction. If they are not, driving will cause uneven wear to them and will result in much quicker wear out. The result is unexpected blowouts or flat tires.

If the vehicle is pulling to one side when you drive, it may be time for alignment. For tire alignment, it is better to go to professionals for adjustments. It can be tough to do so without the right equipment.

Coolant and Power Steering Fluid

The coolant and power steering fluids should both be changed regularly. If you do not know how to check them, you can refer to the owner’s vehicle manual. Coolant is necessary to prevent the vehicle from overheating. Whereas power steering fluid is needed by the vehicle for performance. When these fluids are at a low level, refill the fluids to levels instructed on the owner’s manual. You can also choose to have a professional to service for you.

Oil Change

A vehicle which does not have an oil change for a long period of time can cause damage to it. Usually, this type of damage needs to be repaired in auto shops. When you are stranded on the side of the road due to such problem, you will need to call a towing service. For prevention, you need to follow the manual of the vehicle regarding how often should oil be changed.

The owner’s vehicle manual should specify the type of oil to be used for that vehicle, and the type of oil filter. Although it can be done at home, most vehicle owners prefer to have it done by professionals. Because they will avoid being stained or marring the driveways. Professional repair technicians and mechanics will remove the changed oil.

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